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Thanks for the aspirin tip. I've always taken plenty and usually WITH my BP meds. So if I go back on them, I'll try to take them at a different time from the aspirin.

On the garlic as a blood thinner. For many of us the extra thinning is a PLUS; I welcome it and it's sure a LOT safer than PLAVIX and aspirin which many doctors are "pushing" these days.
That's what i started doing. It was a little difficult at first bcuz i tried to take my asprin when i took the levothroid med. I needed food w/ asprin but none with levothroid.

Lenin, i also take the garlic and the vitamin e. I was told my blood was too sticky, i knew plavix was the next script so i just started the vit. e, asprin and garlic. I had a blood draw last week and now my blood platelet are fine. As for the asprin/ccb, i was so shocked i had to go to another drug tracker site to check it again. Maybe that's why my bp wasn't going down too much.