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Plavix - you're taking 5 - 80 mg. of caduet a day?? Why such a high dose? I haven't done any research on the med yet, but wanted to ask what dose is the Lipitor part of this drug? My Mom takes coreg, plus other meds because she has congestive heart failure. Coreg seems to be working well for her. I don't think I know anyone who is not taking some type of medication.
Beth - Along with the 5 mg. of Norvasc, I also take 80 mg. of Micardis plus and 50 mg. of atenolol. So far, my BP is good. I monitor it myself once a week. When I first got the monitor, I was taking it way too much! I take 20 mg. of Lipitor (at night) and have been for a few years now. No side effects from that. I usually take my BP meds in the morning. Do you think the Norvasc is keeping you up at night? I started waking up at night since I started menopause, and that was way before I started taking all these meds. I fall asleep very quickly, but it's the interrupted sleep that makes me feel very tired in the morning.
Beth - do you think it makes a difference if you take the Norvasc in the morning? As I mentioned, I was sleeping poorly before I started taking my meds. I wish I didn't have to take anything, but that's wishful thinking.
Plavix - maybe you should ask your cardio about taking such a high dose of caduet?
Hi Beth - you're not boring anyone with your info. There are different side effects from meds and I think it's good, if someone wants to share their experiences with others. I'm not taking Caduet yet - I'm going to speak to my doctor next month when I go. I started off on 2.5 mg. of Norvasc, but my BP was doing well, so the cardio upped it to 5 mg. As I said, I was waking up way before I started it. Maybe it's the atenolol - I don't know. If I feel sleepy during the day, I lie down in the afternoon. Now that the weather is nice, I try and walk everyday - it's important.
Plavixman - if you're feeling fine with your meds, stay with them. I think we're at the mercy of our doctors - we believe what they tell us, because they have the knowledge. If someone isn't happy with their physician, they can always go to another. Many doctors are overworked and sometimes tend to rush the patient - I hate that.