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[QUOTE=mikelmal;3793674]I have atrial fibulation and have been taking diltizem which has caused me to retain fluids, very nausious and a great amount of gas.
My doctor has now put me on bystolic (nebivolol) which is I understand is for high blood pressure. I do not have high blood pressure.

it's of the type called a Beta Blocker, and is also used to reduce heart rate. you're lucky to be getting nebivolol instead of atenolol. That's because nebivolol is a "vasodilating" Beta Blocker - it's a much better type. In fact, atenolol can be dangerous.
Will this medicine help me control my atrial fibulation?

if the afib occurs when your heart rate goes up, then likely nebivolol will help. If your Heart rate goes up from stress, then a BB might be better than the CCB that you had.
Does the bystolic contain a diurectic?

Thank you for helping me
You're quite welcome. Not to overly alarm you, but did you know that afib carries a risk for stroke? Are you also on an anticoagulant drug or an antiplatelet drug? Or perhaps your condition is very mild and so an anticoagulant (like warfarin / Coumadin) or antiplatelet (aspirin and/or Plavix) isn't seen as necessary? You might ask your doc, though. There are also new oral anticoagulants which will be available before too long, which don't have nearly so many problems as warfarin.

Good luck to you.