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Depending on which site you go to, you will discover slightly different side effects listed for a particular drug. When I was taking Plendil, also a CCB, it gave me some palpitations, but this could have been made worse by my rather "quick" withdrawal from a beta blocker, another anti-hypertensive. I then switched to Norvasc, another CCB, and I could also have sworn that this too elevated my pulse slightly, though not as significantly as Plendil.

I normally try to do a search on Google and surf to the majority of the sites listed in the search results to get a "fuller" picture...
I have some ankle swelling but it does not bother me. I just started 10mg plendil 2 days ago...slowly increasing from 2.5 so I expect this is an initial side effect and will go away as the headache did? Is 10mg alot?
Hi nsmith-
Ankle edema on this drug is generally mild, but it seems to be age- and dose-related. The higher the dose, the more likely it is to develop.
The recommended starting dosage for Plendil is usually 5mg, but I think your doc sounds good in that he started you off on a very low dose to see how you fared. If needed, dosage can be increased gradually up to 10 mg over a couple of weeks.
2.5 to 10 mg is normal.

I would tell your doctor about your ankle swelling though. Plendil is causing you to retain water. He would know if it's something to be concerned about in your case ot not. Edema is a trickier side effect than headache in that in may not subside as the headache did. Tell him about it.

zuzu xxx