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Sorry nospin, I've not had any experiences with verapamil specifically. I was on Plendil (that didn't agree with me because it caused some palpitations as well as tachycardia!) and Norvasc (didn't regulate my BP well enough!) and am now on Diovan, which so far, works. I'm not saying that calcium channel blockers don't work, but they affect people differently. I would hazard a guess that while you may see some results after starting this medication, it will take some 2-4 weeks before its full effects are felt - so if you decide to take your BP a couple of times daily with the spiffy new machine, jot it down for record purposes, and see if there's a trend downwards. Of course, if your BP comes down immediately to "healthy" levels, then there's nothing to worry about!

Personally I haven't done a blood test in over a year, so I don't know whether my potassium levels are low/high, and whether excess salt is being retained in the body. I do drink a lot of water now to "flush" any toxins and salt out; so far it's been helping I think. I do take magnesium supplements though to see if they help with my ectopic heartbeats ("skipped"/premature beats)...