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nospin, glad to know that the drug is doing something to control your hypertension! It appears as if it is slowly coming under control with the CCB. I really can't give much input on verapamil, because I was on both Plendil and Norvasc (both of which totally disagreed with me!) which had somewhat different side effects than verapamil.

A slower pulse definitely makes you less anxious as the drug will control those anxiety symptoms better. When I was on beta blockers, I too find it difficult to raise the pulse to an extent where I could feel the heart "beating" in my chest, but nevertheless, I still exercised as before with no untoward side effects. The only difference now was that I wasn't able to truly "stress" my heart out as before during exercise. Now that I'm weaning off the beta blockers (I only take 10mg of propranolol once every 2 days, an amount which many say doesn't have any effect whatsoever on the heart since it's too low a dose, but I take it nonetheless for physchological reasons! :)) I can sense that the pulse rate during exercise is starting to go beyond previous levels again, which is a good sign I guess.

Side note: I noticed also that your sister's systolic number is also a tad high. I'm now wondering if both you and your sister have somehow "inherited" this isolated systolic hypertension condition :rolleyes: