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Hi everyone...my doctor says that I can just quit Plendil without weaning off of it. I've been on it for about 2 months but everything I read on the internet says you have to wean off of it. It is a time release pill so not sure if that makes a difference. I'm on 25mg of atenolol which I take at night so is that why I don't have to wean off Plendil? If anyone can help I would sure appreciate it. Thanks
Plendil is felodipine - a CCB. I'd have to agree with your doctor. You should be able to just quit cold turkey. I wouldn't expect much of a rebound effect from it. Just keep an eye on your BP and you should be fine.

Now, getting off atenolol is much more complicated.

I was on plendil for about 4 months (didn't do a thing for my BP) so doc said quit and I just never took it again. No rebound at all.