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Hi everyone...so glad this board is here...I just read alot of various topics and would like some opinions. I joined this board in March after going to my dr. with 180/90 BP & pulse rate 110 out of the blue. He put me on Atenolol & Plendil and told me it was my genes. Well trying to sort why I developed high BP I now believe that I am hypersensitive to wine as I was drinking every night 3 glasses which sometimes would cause blackouts and I really wasn't exercising like I normally did. This was probably a 4 month period. At the time of the visit I never mentioned alcohol as I didn't connect the 2 till I read topics on this board. Before I started drinking my BP was fine. I guess my question is in your opinions could my drinking have been the total cause of this? I stopped the Plendil and I want to wean off the atenolol as I have way too many bad effects from it. I would like to wean off w/o my dr. knowing and hope come my Aug. visit I can have normal BP and tell him its because I changed my lifestyle. I don't drink anymore and have 120/70 BP but don't know how much is medicine effect. Oh another thing my last visit 2 months ago I took my NEW Ormon BP with me but everytime I took my BP it came back with an EE so the dr. told me to let him take care of my readings. Came home and unit worked fine. :confused: Sorry this is so long. Thanks for reading.