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The most frequently recommended vitamins and supplements for aiding memory and concentration are the anti-oxidants [VIT C& E] and blood thinners [gingko biloba, garlic]. Potassium is also very important - bananas and avocadoes have high amounts.

Be careful not too over-do the blood-thinners. Do NOT take them in combination with certain meds, esp. aspirin, coumadin, heparin or warfarin! Results with supplements take time - usually at least a couple of months.

Suggest you check the Alzheimers and 'aging' medical Web sites for more detailed info. The NIH is currently conducting a Phase 2 Clinical Trial on gingko biloba to determine its effectiveness in Alzheimers.

You also need adequate protein as a source of longlasting, reliable good quality energy. The brain especially needs quality fats, such as Omega-3,-6 and other essential fatty acids [EFAs].