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great topic. i'm new to this board and i wish there was alot more participation as the topics in general pertain to health and life in general. that said, i am an aggressive searcher for herbal/alternative whateveryouwannacallits!

my wife shakes her head at the size of my collection of stuff i have. it literally fills a gym bag. i take in the morning about 30 different pills/capsules etc...i repeat a few of the items throughout the day probably running my total items ingested to 50.

I must say i've never felt better! i used to (in my 20's) be prone to upper respiratory infections about two to three times per year. i haven't had one in over three years which coincides with two things: my diligent search to just feel better overall and i knew conventional medicine wasn't the ticket; the internet is the other....what a research tool.

if you have the patience and discipline to wade thru all the garbage out there i believe you can actually find things that can make you a better you. i tell my wife that it is "better living through chemistry."

i divide my needs into a few rough categories: one is the need for vitamins and minerals and general wellness herbs. a multi-vitamin, gingko, ginseng,some additional minerals like potassium, mag and copper. this category is sort of analogous to the saturday at the grocery store when you throw a few items in the cart every week without a thought..the no-brainers. to me these are the items that i get in a bottle that are a needed excess that you won't get in a diet.

two: energy and weight control: ginseng is in the first but like i said these are fluid categories. i take synephrine (bitter orange). ma huang free and raises metabolism. beaucoup water...i want to shed a few lbs and i know a testosterone boost will help with the exercise but i need to control the estrogen aromatization....i take things to do that...

three: the whoopie things....i started this category about six weeks ago and it dovetails well with energy and without being graphic it is like my wife and i are in our first year of marriage again...no joke.

four: do something you like to do. i hated my job and now i'm retraining in computers, which is my passion. obviously by this text i shouldn't move toward short story writing.....g'night and let's try to get more participation on the boards...just my friendly opinion.