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Iam on the 'watercure' diet suppose to really help with stomach problems too. I drink at least 1/2 my body weight in ounces, daily. And if you have 6oz of caffine or alcohol you need an additional 1 1/2 cup of water. Then for every quart of water taken in I take 1/4 teas. of a mineral based sea/salt, the kind I get is called 'redmonds'.

Also a digestive enzyme 1/2 hr. before your meal helps alot too.

If you experience any swelling in the ankles or hands cut back on the sea/salt till this goes away. If you have High blood pressure, start with just water and alittle sea/salt, check your pressure often. It suppose to eventually lower it. Sea/salt is diff. than sodium cloride that's found in table salt. Also people need some excersize daily, even if it's just a walk. And iodine is needed for thyroid function, maca is good for this, or a good quality kelp. Calcium citrate and magnesium are also needed daily along with some potassium(not too much potassium though, you can eat a banana or have a glass of orange juice, that would be enough daily) Hope I haven't left anything out.

If you don't drink much water, increase it slowly. It takes some getting used too. Try drinking at least a cup of water with the digestive enzyme 1/2 hr. before your meals, this will give your stomach some lubrication for digestion. Good luck to you. Diana