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well, I can tell you that having no potassium in your system will kill you...I know this because when I was 15 my mom died from a heart attack caused by having no potassium in her system( if we have no potassium, our electrolytes dont work properly and in return our heart doesnt beat properly) all this was caused from years of yo yo and starvation diets..so yes it is something to be concerned about!!
Electrolyte imbalance is common. I would assume she might have been on a medication for fluid or for high blood pressure that is called a potassium depeleting med. Some BP meds can remove to much potassium from your system and cause this. Yes you can pass out and have nervousness etc. Do a search on the web for hypokalemia and you will find a list of the symptoms. A good way to replace potassium is with banana's, tomatoes, oranges etc every day. There are also potassium pills that the doc may prescribe if your potassium does not respons to dietary measures. I use a potassium based salt substitute to keep my potassium in check due to BP medication that can deplete my potassium. This Lady may have had low potassium for a long time that was causing her spells and it just now got low enough that promted her to seek medical attention. When I was in high school I had a teacher pass out and slide right off her chair while the class was taking exams. That was rather scary as we were teenagers and most of us had never seen anything like it.
If she starts to supplement her diet with vitamins, make sure she takes a combination of Magnesium, Potassium and Calcium. The three of these act synergistically to get the levels back where she can function normally again.
Hope this helps, God Bless!