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The Ingredients In the calix tablets are

calciumpruvate 28.2g copper 34,5mg
gelatin 18,8g manganese 31mg
calcium 17,1g sodium 30mg
vitamin c 4,4g fluoride 29mg
magnesium 3,1g vitamin A 22mg
vitamin E 628mg folic acid 12,5mg
niacin 564mg biotin 4,7mg
zinc 300mg lodine 4mg
Iron 250mg molybdenum 3,1mg
pantothenic acid 200mg chromium 3,1mg
Beta-carotene 94mg selenium 3,1mg
potassium 94mg vitamin K1 626 ug
vitamin B2 50mg vitamin B12 313 ug
vitamin B1 34,5mg vitamin D 157 ug
Nutrition facts :per 100g/per capsule
Calories:160kcal(685kj)/ 0.8 kcal(3,5kj)
Protein: 18,6g/0.1g
Fat 0,2g/0,001g
Carbohydrates: 1,4g/<0,01g