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There was a period of time about 15 years ago that I used to get repeated colds. I was mega-dosing on many vitamins at the time. I changed my habits and since that time only get the occasional cold. Here's my theory for what its worth:

1) I was taking certain B's in mega-dose form. Taking only certain Bs in mega-doses tends to deplete the other B vitamins. Now, I take a mutiple with only 100% of the RDA for all the B's. (Even the so-called "balanced Bs" are not balanced.)

2) Taking too much C may make your body used to a high intake and excretion rate. If you miss a day or two - watch out. Now, I take 250 mg. in a.m. and 60 mg. in the p.m. as part of the multiple. In any event, smaller doses of C spread out is a better way to go.

3) I also take zinc, selenium, magnesium, potassium (No-salt), E (mixed w/gamma), flaxseed & beta carotene in the a.m.

Also, I would avoid rubbing your eyes with your fingers after touching anything in a public area.

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