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Magnesium must be taken with proportionate amounts of calcium and other minerals, such as potassium. It would not be a good idea to increase the magnesium, because it would upset the balance of all these minerals. It could be dangerous as well.
Just so you know, if you were to take 1000 mg of magnesium, you would need to take 2000 of calcium. These minerals work together and it is a general rule that you take 1/2 as much magnesium as calcium.
It wouldn't work to increase the mag to 1000 mg and the calcium to 2000mg, because our bodies can only absorb between 250mg - 500mg of calcium at one time. If you were to take 2000 mg of calcium, your body would absorb about 1/4 of it and you would pee out the rest. But your body would absorb much more of the magnesium and the calcium/magnesium balance would be upset.
If I haven't lost you yet, let me also try to explain that potassium and sodium play a major role in the heart conduction. Both work with calcium to keep your heart pumping.
Sodium , potassium, and calcium are electrolytes that send the electrical charge to our hearts to make it beat regularly. They work in a VERY DELICATE BALANCE. Too much of one can cause an irregular heart beat. If you are having palpitations, I urge you to see a doctor before taking such a huge dose of magnesium. It could be dangerous.
But are you taking enough calcium? What about potassium? May I ask why you are taking the magnesium for the palpitations? Maybe the palpitations aren't caused by a mineral deficiency, but something else. Did you know that palpitations are common and don't always mean that something is wrong? Have you seen a docter? Just concerned.

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