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If you are sweating a lot you will need to replace your potassium. As for other vitamins, if you eat well, clean, organic type foods and go easy on sugar, flour, etc. and you have no illness that you are dealing with, you may not need to supplement. I personally think the trend is to oversupplement, which makes the body weak and unable to meet those requirements itself. The idea is to tweak the body into doing the work itself rather than inundating it with a host of things that we may not need and could even unbalance our natural ecosystem.
i fall into the category described above: healthy, eat greens, fruit, fish, no simple sugars, etc. However, I am someone who, when working out (7 days a week) sweats profusely. 3 pounds of fluid isn't uncommon. I drink plenty of water, but i also sweat an ungodly volume. Is potassium the only thing i should be worried about?

I recorded my nutrient intake over a week and i'm only scraping by on the RDA of Vit E, K, Zinc, Selenium, and Magnesium. The first 3 are under 100% on average. I know where to get them, and i could do it without supplements... but i don't want to force certain things into my meals all the time (vitamin E and K come from things that generally aren't in my diet).

edit: avg. potassium intake is 3700mg per day

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