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In August while on vacation I develped a swallowing problem with loss of appetite. Had barium swallow and endoscopy, all normal. I can now swallow fine, but still no appetite and lost about 15 pounds, have stopped weight loss. I now am very tired, muscles hurt, if I wake up in middle of night, I can' fall back asleep. I got shaky or tremor sensation on the inside and don't feel right.

I have high BP and thought it was from Toprol XL which I had been on for a year, I am off for 4 weeks, tapered off per Dr. Orders. Only on multivitamin now as BP good due to weight loss.

Had fasting blood glucose of 89-90, one glcuose test came back 147 after eating, but same blood came back A1C 4.8, so dr. said not diabetic, maybe 147 was a fluke?

Sed rate 23, its not sjorgens per blood test, ANA Came back negative. Full thyroid panel came back normal also. Had blood culture work done which is supposed to rule out Lyme, Calcium 10.5 ( slightly high). Everything else is in normal range. Blood neutro # high, but Neutro % normal.

My biggest complaint is the internal shaky tremor feeling, tired, muscles aches that seem to shake, not feeling normal, mouth is dry, but not really thirsty, just dry. I had an EKG it was normal. Potassium was low but after supplements brought it back up and tested fine last week.
24 hour urine test normal.

My muscles ache, and the tremor feeling is constant, if I wake up in the middle of the night, I can't go back to sleep and I can feel the internal tremor.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. I can eat normal now, but not much of an appetite.

I will be seeing both a rheumatologist and neurologist next week.