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Search "Reflexology"; foot, hand and ear charts as some are offered free of charge. They do not address FM tender points. For me pressure applied can cause pain so use caution and under the guidance of a licensed physical therapist. I printed an 28 page illustrated stretching guide for people with MS and have been using it to address the cramping & stiff muscle issues of FM. It is gentle (which is most important because to me as it does not take much to bring on pain), also suggested is proper body position while sleeping. I am quite surprised at how effective that has been considering its simplicity. Body position can and has brought on cramping contractions in my extremities and neck. To counteract- repositioning has helped me. Diet makes a difference too. Some foods can bring on an inflammatory response while others do not...Some "night shade" foods cause problems for me especially if combined so I avoid combinations. I've eliminated aspartame from diet and now use splenda, but do bake with sugar and avoid preservatives. I take Omega 3 essential oil (found in Salmon), Potassium salt substitute, cal/mag etc. I stoped using vegy oils to see if it made a difference and have used extra virgin olive oil or olive oil in its place with a pump bottle to spray. So far so good. Several therapys have made the difference. :)
Good Luck, G