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Reducing or restricting sodium intake only applies to people who already have elevated blood pressure. There is virtually no evidence at all that it is harmful otherwise, and in fact if you do not take in sufficient sodium (and potassium and other electrolytes for that matter) you will faint.

Furthermore, the research also seems to say, if I read it correctly, that cutting sodium does not have much effect on blood pressure EXCEPT in the very high pressure cases. In other words, if you are a person with serious hypertension the sodium warnings may apply to you. If not, you may be more at risk cutting sodium than adding it.

Yes, processed foods have a lot of sodium as a rule. Not always, but very often. This is because most processed foods suck and taste crumby, so either salt (sodium) or sugar or msg or all of these are added to appeal to our taste buds and make up for the good stuff that has been lost. It is a scam. Eat fresh food if you possibly can.