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ssi and my disabilities questions
I injured my lower lumbar L4 L5 with 4mm protrusion back in 1986. I went through the workman's compensation fund and they finally awarded me a settlement of $18000 and vocational rehab.well my work history has been spotty due to an ever increasingly bad back. I had x rays recently and was diagnosed as now having arthritis in my lower back however I *** know if it is the same lumbars.I also have it in my right wrist and knees to a degree.being an ex mechanic of 30 years I feel I have done my time as I cannot stand or sit for any length of time standing being the worst and trying to stand after sitting . about the only thing I feel I can do is rest.I have come to the conclusion that my pain is REAL and it is here to stay.I was offered surgery back in 86 but declined due to a 40% successful outcome and took the cash.I have applied for ssi and I am awaiting the denial notice.I live in a remote rural erea of about 20,000 .I never graduated high school or have any diplomas , I have anxiety attacks while being in the check out line at the market and will walk away from my shopping cart and leave the store.I feel like a slave to my own body and it is dictating my life sentence for me.I have now stopped taking the 800mg ibuprofen as they are not working.my muscles are on fire every waking moment and will spasm at will pain will radiate from neck to calves worst pain is across lower back and buttocks I have had sciatica nerve pinching ever since I was 16.the last time I was in hospital was for low potassium level and turned me into a soup sandwich,slurred speech,whole left side of body went numb and lost vision in right eye.thought I was have a heart attack .
I have lost all records of workman's comp decision
I have not been treated by anyone recently for my condition as I dont have the funds
do I stand any chance of winning my case based on the above?
I am 49 years old