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Quote from savanannastar:
Hi guys i went to the store yesterday to buy potassuim supplements(for my leg pains)and i cant find them, i only went to 2 stores but i was wondering if they are under a different same or do i need to go to a
different store?

Do you have a GNC in or near the town that you live? Some great potassium supplements include - Nature's Science Potassium, Jamieson Potassium, Solaray Potassium and Universal Potassium.
Quote from Dr_DoOoOoM:
Do you have a GNC in or near the town that you live? Some great potassium supplements include - Nature's Science Potassium, Jamieson Potassium, Solaray Potassium and Universal Potassium.

No i dont think there is one close,Is it dangerous to take this supplement(too miuch of it)?
You can also use "No Salt" (salt substitute). I put just a pinch in a glass of water and stir. Don't over take potassium.
There are high traces of potassium in fruit so adding a potassium supplement may result in an overdose. But it's only a possibility. Taking too much potassium can result in an upset stomach, flatulence, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and burping. An excessive amount of potassium can result in a heart attack. It is hard though to overdose, so I recommend you take a potassium supplement ONLY if you don't get enough in your diet.
Foods sources of potassium include:
Dried fruits: raisins, prunes, apricots, dates
Fresh fruits: bananas, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, oranges
Fresh vegetables: beets, greens, spinach, peas, tomatoes, mushrooms
Dried vegetables: beans, peas
Fresh meats: turkey, fish, beef
Fresh juices: orange, grapefruit
Canned juices: grapefruit, prune, apricot
Other foods that have some potassium include Cocoa ( :) The potassium and magnesium in Cocoa are my excuse for eating Brownies)

The Daily Recommended value from food is 3,500 milligrams.


I know Potassium over-the-counter suppliments are sold by just about every vitimen suppliment brand.
CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and K-mart sell Nature Made and Sundown brands..both of which make potassium suppliments.
Actually I just bought a potassium supplement the other day at 99mg, which I think most are in that dosage amount. Well, then I looked at the back and it said that 99mg is only 3% of daily value(also, the pill is the size of a penny in diameter; imagine how big a pill would have to be to give a higher dosage)!
Then I did more reading and some even say taking potassium in supplement form is almost useless (unless if you really need it).
A bannana contains around 5 times the 99mg pill and like said above, many other fruits naturally contain potassium. So it would probably be best to eat your fruits (especially bannanas) to get your daily intake of potassium.
Be careful not to over-take potassium supplements.

1/4 teaspoon of "No Salt" salt substitute contains 650 mg. of potassium
1 medium banana has 450 mg. of potassium
Actually self diagnoses is frowned upon but in reality we all do it.

It's true we should eat natural foods for all our vits and minerals.. but in reality a lot of people take suppliments.

I've read that Dr's do recommend potassium suppliments for toe cramps.
One small Potassium tablet works well and fairly fast to stop my bad toe cramps when I get them.

My mother says Calcium works well to stop her leg gramps..
So diff people have diff needs.

There are actually people who do suffer potassium shortage and I've been told a Potassium Drip administerred at an ER is a very painful procedure.

On the other hand,Of course, too much of anything is a bad thing.

About the "no-salt" thingy. I don't know anyone that buys that item.

My elderly mother avoids over doing salt by simply not adding salt unless its a recipie that will not work woithout salt. She buys packaged products with none or with low salt ..reading salt amounts content on labels of products.
So you see everyone is different.