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I have a dx of fibro with abnormalities that came back along with other conditions that overlap the fibro. Fibromyalgia is a medical term but also a medical condition. There is a difference. For example, when you strain during exercise and pull a muscle & have muscle aches and pains as a result, it could be described as fm because that is a descriptive term of medical terminology. The condition FM is chronic and longstanding...

When I'm in chronic pain, a depressive mood kicks in because of dealing with the pain. Various hormonal fluctuations can cause mood swings also. I've had very bad leg pains at night & do the same thing with the pillow between the knees. The rheumy told me he saw it in the neck exrays plus.

When you go to your doctor, make sure to describe what you have been going through in detail, what doctors you have already been to, how long and what treatments you have tried (OTC, herbal, rx), what has helped and what did not. Describe the pain your in & use a pain scale to describe it. (1) being no pain and (10) being the worst pain. Let the doctor, "connect the dots" so to speak...

When I took Rx Piroxicam to relieve muscle pain, I had leg muscle pains of the hamstring and calf that were agony and had worsened about a month after being on this medication. At the time, I elevated both legs and put soft ice packs behind the legs which numbed the area. It happened every night like clockwork and to the point I dreaded the night time. When I ran out of that medication, I went to an O.T.C, n.s.a.i.d and a few days later the leg pains reduced considerably. The change was so dramatic I knew it had to be the medication, so I believe it was a reaction to the medication based on my experience. After that experience, I did a search on the medication and discovered one of the side effects of that medication was muscle cramping which the pain was supposed to have been diminished, but is what caused them to worsen. Lessens taken from that experience were that side effects can happen days into the regimin wether it be herbal, medicinal or a dietary change and it can be difficult to distinguish original pain from the pain of side effect if it is not monitored.

I have fm, but it is not as bad as it was when it flares up. I take a cal/mag supplement, valerian, omega 3 fish oil 3x a day w/a balanced supplement & drink 8-10 oz (+/-) of sodium free quinine tonic water with lemon for the quinine to relieve my leg cramps (or you could try lemon bitters), potassium salt substitute, vitamin D, keep hydrated, oxygenated (deep breathing), gentle range of motion stretching, moist warm heat, ebsom salt in warm bath water, chamomile tea with lemon and honey, I've eliminated aspartame usage, no microwave foods, steamed veggies or fresh and use e.v.o.o or olive oil & butter. I reduced use of margarine from diet and will be replacing it with coconut oil this month.

Good luck and feel better, Gemi.