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I am not doing very well these days .the meds i am on as of today are ; 400 mg celebrex,prevacid,125 levothroid,5 mg prednisone,potassium pills,100 mg darvecets, and so far thats it.the potassium is new and do not understand about it , apparently having something to do with my thyroid and never beign straightened in 6 years so far..now, i have this thing goin on with my knee.it has affected my leg and foot too. i get terrible pains in my knee and muscle spasms and have had it x rayed and they say it is full of arthritus.but, it feels like it is broke...has started swelling and goneinto my foot and toes. went to the doctors and the er but, i have to wait to see an orthopedic doctor.for another month . i am trying to get in to see another one sooner tho.i have agreeed to taking 5 mg of the steroids but, not very happy about it . things changes so drastically from one day to the next for me . i was on sulfasalizene and plaquinel both but got sick everyday till i stopped them...i guess i am so tired of arguing with ssi and different people that its sickening already.. any advice would be grateful..i still cannot walk so can't even exercise anymore...
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