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I had something similiar for less length of time than you. I too went to the doctors and had several tests, but they could never diagnose it. They gave me muscle relaxors and told me to stretch it...
Have you been under any unusual stress or had any sudden anxiety? Sometimes that can cause a problem. Also, is there enough iron and potassium in your blood? Sometimes with a lack of certain vitamins or minerals, muscle cramps can occur.
Best of luck to you!

Sorry to hear that Skylan, hopefully you'll be able to overcome the pain completely one day

Well MissLi, stress is common every once in a while, but never anything serious i believe. As for anxiety, nothing serious as well. I talked to my physical education teacher, and he also mentioned the same thing about potassium, but the thing is i tend to eat quite a bit of rice, so i don't know if that can be the issue. Thanks for the tips though