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Here's my story. 9 years ago, my doctor thought I had lupus but the ANA kept coming back negative. She sent me to every specialist you can think of except a rheumatologist. All of their tests were negative and I finally got tired of being sick and tired and poked and prodded so I rebelled and refused more testing by anyone. After a couple of years, all the symptoms went away (fatigue, facial rash, hair loss, high white count/enlarged spleen, low grade temp, generally feeling bad). I put it behind me and got on with my life. Last November, I began having severe hip joint pain and chalked it up to not enough potassium (I was doing the Atkins diet) and cold weather. I had outpatient surgery in January to extract a jammed kidney stone and they symptoms came back, starting with the low-grade fever the night of the surgery. 4 month later, I still have it almost daily. My hair began to fall out and I currently have lost 1/3 of it and according to my beautician, have 2 quarter-sized bald spots and lots of little red bumps all over my scalp. I have a butterfly shaped rash on my face that gets brighter and splotchier with sun exposure. I also had a sun-related rash on my leg last summer and it went away over the winter but is back since cropped pants/dresses are back in my wardrobe. A new place has broken out in a nearby area. It started out as a few little skin colored bumps that itched and now it is about the size of a silver dollar and red and very bumpy. The bad pain in my hip joints has spread to my feet, shoulders, wrists and hands. My internist did an extensive family/personal history and ran a bunch of tests and called me to come back in. He asked why I hadn't been diagnosed with lupus before and I told him because the ANA was always negative. He said it was this time as well, but 5% of people with lupus will always be negative and I am one of them. He got me into a rheumatologist within a week and after a few questions and a brief examine, he told me that there was no way I had lupus since there was no such thing as ANA negative lupus. He did order a bunch of tests and sent me on my way. 2 weeks before my follow up appointment, my hands swelled and the joints enlarged. He went over the lab results with me and diagnosed me with rheumatoid arthritis. My internist doesn't disagree, but says it doesn't explain everything that is going on with me. He is sending me to a dermatologist to have the skin symptoms checked since the rheumy is blowing them off. The lab work doesn't support it, so he won't treat it.......I know this is long, but here are my labs from the rheumy's testing. Does anything stand out? Particularly, I'd like to know if this could still be lupus, with all negative subsets?

lab reference in ( )
blood chemistry was normal across the board
hsCRP 11.24 (<5)
HGB 13.4 (12-16)
HCT 44.0 (36-49)
RBC 5.0 (4.2-5.4)
MCV 89 (81-103)
MCH 27 (26-35)
MCHC 30.5 (30-37)
RDW 14.9 (11.5-14.5)
WBC 14.0 (4-11)
platelets 307 (130-403)
anti dsDNA 0 (<30)
anti SSA <0.1 (<2)
anti SSB 0.2 (<2)
anti sm 0.3 (<4)
anti Sm/RNP 0.1 (<2.5)
anti cardiolipin IGA <11 (<11)
anti cardiolipin IGG <11
anti cardiolipin IGM <11
C3 152 (80-192)
C4 27 (9-36)
rheumatoid factor 10 (<14)
lupus anticoagulant was not detected
prothrombin time-D 12.7 (12-15.5 sec)
partial throboplastin-D 33 (30-44 sec)
Dilute Russell viper venom 39 (33-46 sec)

I also have a problems with kidney stones and my kidneys are releasing twice the calcium they should.