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Quote from velvet48:
well, i do not agree with this. ebstein barr can be passed from one person to the other. this is what caused my CFS and my dr told me i am contagious. just sharing a soda or drink, or using same fork, you can pass ebv to someone else. someone coughing in their hand and touching something can cause the spread of ebv as well.
yes, it is true, you are a lifer with cfs, but to just tell you to sleep it off..............
did you dr tell you that you should take vitamins to try to keep yourself going. i am taking a one a day max multi vit, b complex +c, co Q-10 (100 mg), evening primrose oil caps and i also take a garlic tablet (kyolic) as i also suffer from yeast (thrush). garlic is very good for you. if you are not taking any vitamins, i would if i were you. it took me a long time to get to feeling where i could function.

The only time that EBV is contagious is when you have a fever. It is contracted when you have a sore throat or strep throat, while your throat is raw and you come into contact with the virus at the same time. So it is spread to others only if these same conditions are met with another person.
The EBV causes Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which causes Fibromyalgia, also EBV can cause Thyroid Disease. And the symptoms of these three diseases are very similar and often connected.
i have all three,
When it comes to Syndromes and Viruses they stay in our bodies, they may become inactive, but they are still there.

And always giving in to the feeling of needing to sleep will only cause you to need more sleep, the best remedy for that is get active doing something to get your mind off of it, our bodies do not need us to sleep 1/2 the day, which is what we will do if we give in to the feeling. i know i have done it.

The other thing to remember is to eat good well balanced meals, drink lots of water, plenty of fruits and veggies.

And the best Vitamin Supplement to take is one that i found and got approved by my doctor, is a multivitamin called >> One Source , Complete , Adult High Potency Formula, and it is inexpensive and you can find it at Walmart's and probably most other pharmacies that carry over the counter vitamins.

For the first 2 weeks take 2 a day to get it into your system and then just one a day thereafter.

Here is a list of what it has in it :
Vitamins >> A ; C ; D ; E ; K ; B6 ; B12 ;
Thiamin ; Riboflavin ; Niacin ; Folic Acid ; Biotin ; Pantothenic Acid ;
Calcium ; Iron ; Phosphorus ; Iodine ; Magnesium ; Zinc ; Selenium ;
Copper ; Manganese ; Chromium ; Molybdenum ; Chloride ; Potassium ;
Boran ; Silicon ; Tin ; Vanadium ; Lycopene ; Lutein ; CoEnzyme Q 10 ;

It contains 300% of the Daily Requirements of the B Vitamins to give energy,

i have been taking this for years, every since i found out about it, i used to take vitamins seperately, but it is so expensive that way, plus it is easy to overdose some vitamins, which to my dismay i had found that i had done. So since then i only take the One Source, i have tried other methods but nothing is as good as the One Source !!

If not for the One Source i wouldn't have the strength or the energy to do anything. It keeps me going. Even tho at times i still over do, and wear myself out, and get exhausted. i just sit it out for awhile and get some rest and then get up and go again.

i also have Scoliosis and Congestive Heart Failure, my heart pumps with about half the strength of a normal heart, so that alone makes me tired easily, but i don't give up, i can't afford to give up. i live alone and have to do everything myself.

i hope the information that i have provided is of help to you all :D