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Pam, I feel for you having tests for these symptoms and still not being totally sure of the prognosis. Last week I was getting charlie horse cramps in my feet and calves on a nightly basis. I mentioned this to the doctor and he said something about my potassium levels probably being out of whack. Told me to eat foods high in potassium. I used to be tired by 11pm and now I go to bed at 1 am or after, just because I dread lying awake and thinking about my pain. Also put the notion in my head if I go to bed later, I'll wake up later and not have to face so much of the day.
With the tests not showing anything up is frustrating for both us and our doctor's who must at times think, it's in our heads. At least this is what I'm starting to feel from my GP although he hasn't come right out and said it. You mention that you had a thyroid test, was it just TSH or did your doc also do T3 & T4 levels? I had a thyroid test also but he only took TSH levels which came back at 1.3 whatever that means. Dr. said it's within normal range.
I hope you get answers to your symptoms soon.