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I am having surgery next Wed. I have been having problems with my potassium level being low....trying to get this worked out before surgery. Why would they not do surgery if my potassium level is a little low? What type of complications could come from this? Is is related to the anesthesia?

I was also wondering if there are any long term effects of anesthesia. i was in a bad car accident in 2001 and this will be my 6th surgery. It seems like after each surgery I go into a state of depression and the depression gets worse with each surgery. I was just wondering if the anesthesia or anything that i am given during surgery could be causing this.

Sorry, one more question. Lab work after my last surgery showed elevated liver enzymes (first time in my life) they slowly got back within the normal range. I guess I am wondering if this could be affecting my liver?

I appreciate any help anyone can give me!
Thank you!
It is a general rule that in preparing to an operation you have to solve all other health problems. This lowers possibillity of complications . Low potassium can cause muscular spasms. If doctors don't allow you to undergone the operation, that means they don't wont to risk. It is possible to reach normal potassium level in few days with potassium drugs if doctor prescribes them to you. It would take a little more time with tomatoes, bananas, baked potatoes...which are all rich with potassium.

I personally don't believe that anasthesia or operation itself would cause depression on long term basis; It is probably from the fact it is still not over yet after so many procedures. But there are risks which depend on type of anasthesia. Anastesiologist should normally visit you before the operation and answer all your questions and if epidural anasthesia, for example, is possible.

Elevated liver enzymes are common after surgery. There's nothing wrong with this.
Thank you for your response. Other than muscle spasms or there any other complications low potassium levels could cause? i am curious and always eager to learn as much as i possibly can. I have been on prescription potassium pills for over a month now. My internist has been working hard to get my levels normal....for health reasons and for my surgery.

What you mentioned about the depression does also make sense. Especially since I know that I will have more surgeries to come. Thanks again for your time.

Severe lowered potassium can also cause arrythmia (derranged heart rhytm) and hypotension. It can also contribute to depression. I once had my level of potassium assigned as critically low, (from fasting deliberately a couple of weeks) but I only experienced muscle weaknes and cramps.