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Everytime I do my walking tape I wind up with bad toe cramps afterwards. There is stretching in it and I am taking calcium and potassium. Can anyone help with how to prevent this. I am using Easy Spirit walking shoes which I thought were pretty good. Need some suggestions. I want to do the tapes but hate the toe cramps afterwards.

Are you taking magnesium with that calcium? (they often come combined). The calcium will help with muscle relaxation and contraction, but it's the magnesium that allows it to work. Many of us are magnesium defficient; there's little in the soil these days, and it's a crap shoot whether or not there's any magnesium in your water.

Magnesium is one of those minerals that plays a huge role in bio-chemical procceses in your body. If you're lacking then minerals and salts like calcium and potassium can't work properly.

As with calcium, the citrate variety of magnesium is better used by the body. RDA is anywhere from 400-600 mg a day based on sex and age.