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Quote from luv4adonai:
ever since i started this diet, i've had a mild headache and i'm wondering why? :confused: what am i doing wrong? should i be eating more? adding something else to my diet? it's not a unbearable headache...just annoying. is it my body just trying to get used to this new lifestyle? please help.

You could be losing salts / minerals; water loss when you change your diet with a view to losing fat is very common, especially if you're avoding processed foods, which it appears you are. You're replacing the water by drinking more, but you're not replacing the others.

Headachey to me makes me think "potassium", something you can get readily from various foods:

Potassium rich foods:
1 can (7 oz/ 200g) sockeye salmon - 1,391mg
1 medium california avocado - 1,097mg
1/2 pkg (5 oz/ 140g) spinach - 824mg
1 medium stalk broccoli - 526mg
1/3 cup natural sunflower seed kernels - 331mg
1/2 cup canned diced tomatoes - 290mg
1 Tbsp dutch process unsw. cocoa powder - 254mg
2 Tbsp peanut butter - 214mg
1/8 tsp potassium-salt substitute - 325 to 500mg

Are you taking any supplements? You would benefit from a good multi-vitamin and some calcium/magnesium.

The headache could also be from eating too little. I know that would be too little food for me, even w/o the exercise added in.