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There's a LOT more in a Diet Coke than aspartame. Drinking a couple quarts a day is giving you a large dose of phosphoric acid (hence teeth erosion), potassium benzoate, citric acid (more tooth erosion) and caffeine (coffee nerves and REAL addiction with withdrawal pains.) THe WORST pot of ingredients falls under the sweet name: NATURAL FLAVORS...what "natural" means in this case is precisely "UNNATURAL." These flavors are lab made to DUPLICATE flavors found in nature but believe me, they are made in stainless steel vats at Monsanto and duPont. God knows what some of them are.

Even a little poison is generally tolerated (or we'd drop dead with every breath we take) but pouring 4 gallons of these concoctions into ourselves every week is not a good idea.

Why not try weening to one liter a day and then to 2 cans...maybe you'll enjoy them more. If you get headaches from the caffeine withdrawal have a cup of coffeee or tea.