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I am a mild psoriatic arthritis sufferer, mostly in my hands and feet. My rumy suggested that I consider methotrexate, but he also commented that the side affects could make the cure worse than the disease. After some quick research, I discovered that metho messes up your liver, no thanks! Besides, a glass of wine each day helps deal with pain!! :D So, his recommendation is 440mg of Aleve (get the real Aleve, it really works better) twice a day. This helps quite a bit and the dosage is tolerable.

I found a few things the rumy did NOT mention that have made life bearable again. Here's my list.

1. Glucosamine. (I also tried condroitin and MSM but with no success)
2. Say "no" to nightshade veggies (tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant)
3. Daily excersize followed by a whirlpool or jacuzzi.
4. Certo and Grape Juice.

This last one has been around for quite a while, but I just learned of it. You can look it up at Health Central or peruse Dr. Gott in your local newspaper. Here is an excerpt from Health Central...

Q: I've been trying your Certo and grape juice recipe for arthritis. After two weeks all my joints have stopped aching. Are there any dangers from Certo?

A: Certo mixed with grape juice has been a popular arthritis remedy for decades. One pharmacist attributed its activity to the citric acid and potassium citrate this pectin product contains.

Certo is found in grocery stores; it is a soluble fiber used to thicken jellies and jams. The primary ingredient is pectin derived from the cell walls of plants. We know of no side effects from this food product.

The remedy is two teaspoons of Certo in three ounces of purple grape juice three times daily. There are several recipes for the mixture - one calls for one tablespoon of Certo in eight ounces of grape juice daily...

I certainly hope that this may help someone with RA or PA like me.