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I can deffinately help ya out here. First things first, diet is always the most important.. Now if your gonna attempt to do something you have to do it all the way. And thats pretty much the only way my advice will be of any help.

1st, stay away from candy, gum, cookies, cake, ice cream, high sugers/fats.

next eat lean foods like turkey and fish (deep sea fish that contains low mercury). no more beef... chicken is alright.. But if you can maybe turkey with 100% whole grain wheat.. might be tastey.

Less bacteria and fungus.. Lets hit this hard and say no more milk or bananas.
Yogurt will be fine for now as long as you stay away from the other 2.

cherios are fine

Snacks: grapes, apples, kiwi, blueberries, raspberries.. if you can handle it..

lunch - try the leaner meats and pasta will be ok for now if you want it

where's your vegetables? brocolli is good every so often, eat GREEN vegetables. No carrots. Eat these as a snack or with lunch/dinner

Since you're having a hard time I would say try this and if it works out after awhile then you can increase your calorie intake. Satisfy your body, when its hungry please eat, you know if your over eating or not. Stop worrying about calories. Calories mean nothing.

Live on water pretty much, maybe 4 times a week 1 glass of some kind of juice, maybe with some potassium.

Cardio exercise before you eat in the morning, this way you burn straight calories. Make sure you sweat a lot, all over your body, if your gym has a sauna i recommend you use it until your entire body is sweating. Atleast 5 times a week. Make sure your sweating, not getting into a hot shower etc.

Lift those weights, make sure your targetting all of your muscles in your workout, build some muscle.. its been proven that lifting weights will burn more calories than cardio. Muscle = more metabolism.

Sleep well, get your 7-8 hours of rest everynight. That is the most important thing. You have to get your sleep or none of this will work out.

From what you told me you ate pretty bad, you probably high aluminum in your body, bacteria, and sugar. Aluminum is a toxic metal that you can get from drinking cokes out of cans. Toxics can make you gain weight easier, and slow you down. Sweating will release these. Bacteria such as the milk, bananas, and yogurt will live in your body and slow you down too. Sugars keep yeast alive in your blood and fungus alive in your mouth. Your body does not function as well with too much sugar.

Let me know what you think or have any questions.. [ removed ]