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Hi, I recently had my BP taken at the GP's office and it was high (this could be due t a multitude of things) anyways, after he took my BP my arm remained 'flaccid' for a long time. It felt relly drained of energy and didn't get back to full strength for about 30minutes afterward. I know this is not normal. Your arm should be fine again almost immediately after having our blood pressure taken right?

This has led me to believe that I have really poor circulation in my arms. Lately they bruise easily also and I barely lift anything heavy these days. I'm here to ask if there is anything I can do to improve the circulation in my arms? I'm sure with improved circulation my BP would lower also.. I can't see how the two wouldn't be inter-related as the arm is the place BP is taken from and it is my arms giving me the most cause for concern.

My legs seem to be ok. I have had a few slight cramps in my left leg of late but, that could be due to a lack of potassium and/or alot less physical activity over the past two months. My arms are the greatest concern, I'd be grateful for some input and any help people can offer.

I'm 6'3, 27, 60lbs overweight and have been experiencing alot of stress and BP related angst of late. At the turn of the year I was extremely active and in good physical condition right now however, I would say my over all fitness stinks. If this helps any. :)

Thanks for your time. Appreciate any help I receive.