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RDA is really a minimum requirement for basic nutrition. As you obviously guessed, someone more active needs better nutrition. I'll give you the ranges that I know of (need varies by weight, size, and activity level) for a basic idea of optimal intake for performance:

Vit C: 800mg - 3000 mg
-diarrhea is an indication of excessive intake, but I'd say that 1g is probably ideal for your activity level.

Vit E: 200-1000 IU
- 400/day is about average

Calcium: 1200-2600 mg
-Calcium "fights" with other nutrients for absorption, so if you acn take this seperately, it's best to take before bed or several hours before or after taking other vitamins.

Magnesium: 400-800 mg
-maybe just double your current dosage for an average.

Zinc: 15-50mg
-Your body cannot process or absorb more than about 25mg at a time, so exceeding that is pretty useless. Personally, I take two 25mg tablets a day, about 10 hours apart.

About the oils, note that they are just concentrated fats, so consider that every 1000mg has 9 calories. I take my oil supplements with protein shakes (NOT post workout shakes though) or with primarily protein meals although almost any other time is okay too. If you're getting many healthy fats in through diet, you may not need to supplement much, or at all. Flax oil is MUCH cheaper in liquid form (as opposed to pill form) and you can use a mixture if flax and olive oil in salads, or put some in a shake, or just swallow a spoonful. Again, note that it IS just fat and it does have calories, so if you're already getting 10-20% of your calories from fat, lose the oil or rearrange things a bit.
Also, any oil you cook with doesnt count nutritionally, as the heating process destroys much of the EFAs.

I would also add a B12 supplement. The sublingual losenges absorb the best, although my parents take a B12 shot everyday (the only way to get the most usable B12 into the body). Im just not that hardcore. :)

Maybe add some potassium as well just to balance out the electrolytes (1000-4000mg).
That's all that I would consider really necessary. If you have a decent diet, the rest will take care of itself.
As always, thank you for a well-thought out answer Naxis.

So here's what I'm now thinking. In the morning (8a), I take one of each pill (Multi, C, E, CMZ, Flax, O3) with a low-dose asprin. I usually eat my first meal around 9am (protein shake and dry cereal). I repeat this stack in the evening (6:30p) before my workout (right now it's aerobics, but soon to be replaced with weight training). I usually start my workout between 7:30p and 8:30p, and work out for 30 (running) to 60 (stationary bike) minutes. I generally follow my workout with a protein shake right away, and then a "whole food" meal (a protein and a green veggie) within an hour. That sounds about right, yes?

I'll pick up some of the B-12 and potassium as well. One of each twice daily, just as with the rest of the stack?