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So if you are really worried about the aluminum, take a couple of things into consideration: It has only been in the past 120 years or so that we have been construing aluminum from its raw form into stuff that is more malleable. It is NEVER found in nature in its metallic form. Since it makes up 8% of the earth's crust (it is the third most abundant element in nature) it is also found NATURALLY in most forms of vegetation (which most people who consider themselves healthy eaters consume a large amount of).
Naturally occurring "Aluminum" salts (properly referred to as potassium alum, ammonium alum, and a few others) are huge, heavy molecules which cannot be absorbed by the body. They do not interact with biological processes (they are alkaline and nonreactive).
For naturally occuring alum to be absorbed by the human body it must be processed, which then renders the stuff potentially harmful to us. "Aluminum" is not naturally occurring, where alum is. It is astounding how many products actually contain "aluminum".
Deoderant stones can be purchased at health food stores, even GNC sells them now. There are also many vendors who sell them on the net.