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The first thing is to be religious about hand washing and germ-sharing. Use your own silverware and cups, use single use cups in the bathroom EVERYTIME you get a drink, and WASH THOSE HANDS! Most people get sick from germs in their own house than in public--so before you eat, after you eat, when you go to the bathroom, when food handling--WASH! Don't eat when on the phone or watching TV--the remote and phone have tons of germs on them!

As for Immunity, I recommend Emergen-C, and you can find it at any health food store, though I have found it cheaper at my local stores (a small regional store with only a few locations) as opposed to the national stores. It's a small packet of vitamin powders that, when mixed with water, forms a vitamin-rich drink in many flavors of your choice. It contains 1110% of the RDA for vitamin C, along with 31 other vitamin and mineral complexes, so it is great for energy and immunity. We swear by it in my house--we take it at the first sign of a cold, illness, and in the morning, you'll be fine--or the cold will be dramatically shorter. I took one every day as my MV and immunity supplement, but when I went to stock up recently, I found a new MV Emergen-C. It still contains 1110% of the C, but has a few more vitamins and minerals than the basic. It's great stuff; I am sure you will love it. It's worth the trip to find it. I really think the form of the C and vitamins makes it easier for your body to absorb than Vit. C pills.

Also, I am loving "Immunity Juice" too. There are two different brands in my area stores--Odwalla and Naked; I usually buy Naked Food-Juice. The Immunity juice consists of a pound of fruit, blended into a smoothie and containing 500% of your RDA vitamin C and potassium. There are other health juices in the line too, but I have been buying the immunity kind for some time now. They taste great and fresh, and really seem to help and give energy. Though they are pricey ($2.99 for 16 ounces; I drink 8 ounces a day in the morning, usually), I won't be without the juice either! The other day at the store, the dates were good--I'll drink them before the expiration, and I bought 10 of them! I think it's good for your body to get the C in the form of food.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you try either of these.