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Just got a copy of my blood work from dr. He did not order any Thyroid tests with this panel. Right now he was looking for "inflamation" in my system. I realize the counts are within normal but some of them are on the high side and some on the low side. I'm not sure where I should post the results. If someone could let me know, please.

Here are the tests done:
Rheumatoid Factor
Carbon Dioxide
Ok well here are the results of my blood work. If I should post them somewhere else please feel free to let me know where.
ANA- Negative at 1:40 Dilution
Creatinine- 0.9
Sodium- 137
Potassium- 4.0
Carbon Dioxide- 28
White Blood Count-9.1
Reb Blood Count- 4.75
Mean Corp Volume-93.0
Mean Corp Hemoglob-32.3
Mean Corp HGB Conc-34.7
RDW- 12.1
Platelet count- 315
Lymphocytes- 25.7
Monocytes- 5.4
Basophils- 0.8
Absolute Neutrophils- 6.2
Absolute Lymphocytes-2.3
Absolute Monocytes- 0.5
Absolute Eosinophils- 0.0
Absolute Basophils- 0.1
Sedimentation Rate- 7
Rheumatoid Factor- negative

Now after all that, the reason the dr did all that blood work was to look for lupus or an auto immune disorder, or to see if the bladder/vaginal infection had indeed gotten into my abdomen and my bones like the Uro had thought. I am having my cytoscopy this Wed and will call GP after that.

I also had a right hip lower spine x ray because of all the pain in my lower back and hip and it said that I have degenerative changes in both SI joints more prominent on the left. There is first degree spondylolisthesis between L5-S1. There is narrowing of the L5-S1 joint space. There are minimal anterior spurs at L1, L2, L3 and L4. There is also anterior spurring at the visualized D11 and D12. There is sclerosis fo the apophyseal joints of L4-5 and L5-S1.

I don't think that the back problems could be causing the headaches, dizziness, blurry vision, low temp and so on, but I do think that they are making it more difficult for me to do excercise and get around. I went out tonight to watch our horse run and could hardly walk to the car after word.