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just remember that your body uses carbs as fuel, too. if you eat too few of them, you get fun things like muscle cramps and fatigue, and i faint if i don't eat enough carbs. i just try to keep it to whole grain (pasta fits in this catagory if cooked el dente, not too soft.. yea!) and natural foods. caveman diet! cavemen ate bread, by the way. flat bread, less processed bread, but bread nontheless. and i'm not really sure about going low carb for a week to "detox". carbs are not a drug, i'm not sure your system needs to be- or can be- cleansed from your system. sounds like trying to cleans your body of carrots.

and i havn't tried the low carb thing (like i said, i faint.. it's unpleasant) but i hear that if you go off it, you immediatly gain back what you lost. so, it seems like it'd be discouraging when you find you need to eat something containing potassium (because as far as i know, it comes from sugary or starchy veggitables).. or fiber. yummy fiber!
You misunderstand my meaning. Not necessarily to cleanse your body of carbs, but to get your blood sugar more consistently even which dampens sugar type cravings. I'm aware carbs are not a drug, but high GI carbs can cause severe hormonal blood sugar reactions. Hence cravings and the energy boost/fatigue cycle of sugary foods. Potassium is plentiful in broccoli, kale, spinach, chard, beans, nuts, eggplant, squash... or your daily multi.
and yes, some of the weight lost initially is just water, so once you reintroduce carbohydrates, you will start to retain that water again, which is why you look at FAT loss, not WEIGHT loss. Scales are just not as accurate a gauge of real progress as so many seem to think, unfortunately.
Anyway, it's just a suggestion. It works very well for some people, but everyone handles carbs differently.