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Blood work called "Comprehensive Metabolic Panel" will include test for calcium. However, my test indicated my calcium was 104 and the range is 95-109. Kinda a false result if you ask me since I now have osteoporosis. Test I am looking at was taken 1 year ago. Do not have copy of my recent lab work. Will compare previous with current when I get a copy and see if I had a sudden drop of calcium.

Be sure lab work is done after "fasting". The comprehensive metabolic panel is usually done at time of annual physical. This panel covers many important things such as glucose, potassium and many others.

A "bone scan" is how they determine whether you have osteoporosis or not. Results are based on your age, etc. in comparison to a model chart. Some insurances pay for bone scans and some don't. Medicare pays for a scan every 2 years. It had been 5 years since my first/last bone scan and I do not know why doctor waited so long to do another one.

Internist has recommended Citrical +D. Your body does not absorb very much calcium at any one time so it is best to take 500 mg. 2 or 3 times a day after meals. Calcium needs magnesium in order to absorb. One-half amount of calcium is suggested for magnesium. I take Citrical+D 500 mg. 3 times day plus 250 mg. magnesium 3 times day. I now have increased calcium foods. Hope I don't gain any more weight as a result of adding more food with calcium. Dairy products are high in calcium and so is kale, and some other veggies.

Last year I started omitting various supplements doctors had me on for so many, many years trying to detox from chemicals and I decided to drop the Citrical+D and magnesium too along the way. Know the past 6 months I did not take any calcium supplements and that was definitely the wrong thing for me to have done. Wish I had know earlier I was low in calcium.

I have been off HRT (Premarin) for about 2 years after taking it for 27 years. Have to weigh the risks of HRT versus other risks. I understand long term HRT is very high risk. I gradually went off HRT and it took me several months. I did not want my body to have a sudden withdrawal and backfire on me.

My legs have ached for the past few years big time and were getting worse. Just a couple weeks taking calcium/magnesium again has helped the ache, not a cure but definitely relief to some extent. I still have trouble being on legs for too long at a time without sitting down. Not sure how long I have had osteoporosis, less than 5 years.