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I sometimes have the same thing along with some other symptoms like skipped heart beats and dizziness. I know I am in peri menopause because of my age (mid 40s) and I know these are all symptoms. However, have they checked your nutrient and mineral levels? I was recently found to have a potassium deficiency when they did some routine lab work. A supplement and a glass of OJ every morning has made all the difference in the world. Just a thought.

Have they checked your potassium? I am assuming they have, but if not ask them to check it. I have the same symptoms from time to time, including limb weakness. I thought something very serious could be wrong but just learned it was potassium. They checked it because they had just put me on a low dose water pill for borderline high blood pressure, which I hadn't even started before I was tested. My doctor said they often don't check this in younger people unless they have a specific reason (I am in my mid 40s) because its not that common.

Hope you feel better soon.