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Dear Dads1stGirl,

Yikes! What an appointment. It does not sound as though answers are coming as fast as one could hope, but it does sound as though you are being taken seriously, at least. And, if it makes you feel any better, some of my drs. thought I'd read a little too much, too. The rheumie who Dx'ed me did NOT give me that old tired doctorly line, though---kudos instead, for my persistence & general sanity. Made me feel whole again mentally. (My wish: may you get this sense back really SOON!)

Malar erythema that "blanches": I've never seen the phrase, but it sounds as though when pressed, your facial rash gets paler? Or something like that.

Do you know what immunological bloodwork was done, meaning what autoantibodies, complement levels, etc. were tested for? Any chance your GP would share that with you?

I've never taken Neurontin, sorry.

By the way, I was tested upteen times for colitis, ileitis, etc. That alone can flatten you, in my book---electrolytes off, potassium off, weight loss, the whole awful mess. You have my sincere sympathy on that, believe me.

I hope you get careful follow-ups & keep in touch in the meantime. I send you my very best wishes! Thinking of you, Vee