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Hi Only thing I can give you really any input about is the Charlie Horses....I ask my Pain Management Doctor about it and he said it can come from nerve compression, or nerve damage..because I have experienced the exact same thing in my legs on a daily basis since my surgery, back on June 2, 2004......

Typically Charlie Horses come from a lack of Potassium......

Good Luck
:nono: check with your surgeon about the calcium!

12 days out is not far in such a major surgery, I am sorry to hear your still so uncomfortable. The muscle relaxers will help but I can understand if they knock you out....maybe the doc can give to something milder....nothing at all is gonna be rough. Also ask doc about potassium (even if from banana's) mine ok'd these to help with my leg cramps. Are they charlie horse cramps? or spasms?

Any recovery after decompression of nerves is painful and slow sounds like yours was severe. This will take time, the pain & the tingling.Your walking and staying up regimen sounds great - your about where I was this soon out and the hardest part for me was the waiting....to see improvement and to have my life back!!

Keep up the great job
;) - sounds like your well on your way to a good recovery