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I am a 115lb 5ft5 female, recently lost 20 pounds. I eat about 1700-2000 cals a day. I have a very active workout schedule, but about a month ago, and a few times since then, I have woken up in the middle of the night with excruciating pain in my calves. It hurts tremendously, then it it just sore the whole day. Am I lacking in potassium or iron? Or what can be the cause of this? Please help
That's happened to me before. I've heard that potassium helps prevent muscle cramps, so whenever I get those calf cramps late at night I make sure I start eating more bananas! It seems to help; sorry I don't know much more than that, but I'd be interested in finding out the cause as well.
Hm, well I went out and bought some chard, because it is ver high in potassium. How do I prepare it? Can I eat it raw?
I actually just ate the boiled chard, and found it marvelous. It tastes just like spinach, but slightly sweeter. Chard is the highest potassium source, 933 mg, which is 27% DV. I am going to eat this more often, I think it was the potassium I was lacking. Also, has anyone ever had frozen bananas? they taste just like ice cream, maybe better :)