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Hi My hubby woke up a week ago with cramps in his calves, he could not get up and they broke vains on his right leg calve, I have never seen him in so much pain. He went to the dr. and they gave him valium and quinine for the cramps they took blood tests and his mag. potassium, and everthing is fine. it has been over a week and he still has pains and feels like he is going to get a charlie horse every time he moves. so he went back to Doc. and he set up a mri for him and said that me might have a pinched nerve in is back. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? Thanks
Is he on any blood pressure meds???? My sister has horrible leg cramps if she runs out of her pb meds. Does it happen when he is sleeping? Is he eatting lots of green veggies??? Bananas???
I dont know about humans, but in animals the potassium levels in the blood is not the same as what they are intracelluar.

Hope he feels better