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Hi I am glad for you that someone with personal experience responded.

The reason I asked about antibiotics was this - when my daughter was about the same age maybe 5 months younger she stopped verbalizing shrieked and hit her head awith her hands, stopped eating and drinking as much-I was really afraid it was the vaccines and possibly could have been.

Anyway, it turned out to be a strep infection that tested negative then a week later tested positive then medicated then positive still and an ear infection then medicated. The antibiotics left her with to put it shortly severe diareaha. After a different dr. said it is normal, then another said it was okay it will go away, then finally I went to the one who diagnosed the strep and she told me how to fix it-put her on liquid soy similac for a month then revert back to regular similac w/iron after that month.

It worked, at first it was still diareaha then gradually got soft then solid then firm then after the month. What a relief. And she was back to her self, and today she is very smart and very happy.

The way the doctor explained it was that the antibiotics are gram positive and gram negative and wash out all the good and bad bacteria from the intestial tract, therefore inability to digest properly if at all. And when diareaha is involved you are loosing more digestive enzymes.

So basically you start with something that is easier on the system and give the good bacteria time to build back up in the intestines. I just thought someone else may have this kind of problem and figured I should post it here.

What is EO28, what is in it? Was she premature?

When was her last blood panel? There is grave danger if her potassium is high she could go into a heart attack with out warning.

I read you were going to admit her to the hospital, I think it is a really good idea and I wish her and you the best.

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Her blood pannel was done about 3 months ago. I believe her potassium levels were fine. The Pediatric EO 28 is a toddler formula with ingredients much too numerous to name. It is considered a "medical food." It seems to contain all of the required vitamins and minerals. It is also orange flavored and comes in drink boxes.
She was not premature and she was 6 lbs 11 oz.