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The absolute best thing i have found for my leg spasms and muscle cramps is to take a nice hot bath with a cup of epsom salts in it.The salts are basically powdered magnesium which is a natural muscle relaxer.Soaking in them will actually cause the mag to be absorbed through the skin.i get just horrid spasticty and cramps in both of my legs due to an injury to my cortico spinal tract inside the sp cord.The fun is almost non stop.But the biggest problem was just trying to go to sleep with all of this activity going on in my legs.A friend,who is also a nurse mentioned trying the salts and wow, what a difference.Magnesium also has some laxitive properties which really helps the constipation I have from the narcotics.taking this epsom bath every night before bed really really helps alot.Try it and see if it works for you.You should also have some simple labs run on you for your mag level and potassium level.If these are low, they will cause more muscle spasms and cramping to happen.Just some suggestions from someone whos been there.Good luck,marcia