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Thanks for the tips and I wish you posted earlier, about 10 minutes later I started to have palpitations and my heart couldnt stop racing even if I was relaxing, my sister tried to stay through with me but I had to constantly walk since my sight kept getting foggy and I felt like I was about to pass out, I had really bad shortness of breath and I had to call my friend over at like 1 AM in the morning to stay with me since my parents and my sister were in bed, I cant rely on them but thats another story. I cant even work out or ill get vision problems and feel like im about to pass out. Might the running acctualy be the cause? I obviously need to train my heart and lungs since they are the problem areas. Sorry for posting all this but I had similar problems just out of nowhere starting about 2 weeks ago and all gave me so much stress I can barely control it. Im still up all night since I cant fall asleep and Im still having a hard time breathing which makes me my arms twitch constanty or I have to grab a pillow, my parents just dont get how serious this is so im going to talk to them tommorow about it.

thanks for the responses and sorry for this post. :(

Get your Potassium level checked along with magnesium(possibly sodium) right away! A deficiency in any of these 2 minerals will cause the EXACT symptoms you are exhibiting. I may be WRONG, but your explaination sounds like this could be so. Too much or too little potassium causes cardiac arrythmias, not enough causes heavy breathing and muscle twitching etc. If it's a defiency, you may be on your way to a condition called metabolic alkalosis(usually a result of an electrolyte imbalance, usually potassium) if this imbalance isn't corrected. Magnesium is also another important mineral that causes these symptoms if there is a deficiency. Magnesium is high in peanut butter, green leafy veggies, nuts, and cereal etc.

Potassium is high in bannanas, any fruit, tomatoes, and milk. Are you watching your sugar intake and carbs? Please check this out and let me know.

BTW, most of the RDA's standards that pertain to multi vitamins do not contain the daily required level of potassium.
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Yea, i agree with the others completely but i am sorry to ask this but i feel i have to do you ever throw up what you eat? The reason i ask is because everything you described are symptoms or results of throwing up - being underweight, having electrolyte imbalances (potassium/sodium etc), heart palpatations and coughing up blood. if this is the case, no need to answer the question in a post if you don't feel comfortable, but know that you really really really need to get to a doctor asap especially because the electrolyte imbalances can lead to cardiac arrest (and you seem to be having heart problems already!) the other stuff is really serious too so get to a doctor right away and not just a neurologist (although that is good to go) go to a pediatrician or "everything" doctor too
good luck