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Hi Ian,
Just wanted to congratulate you for hanging on in there!! i have been severly ill since jan 2005 i just kind of dropped with something and nevr got better. i lost weight started collapsing from headaches had a couple of what seems like seizures developed horrible rash on my face. got swellings in my face. hair loss facial skin peeling. My friends wre horrified at what happened to me. but you try explaining how different you look to a doc that has never seen you before. i got enlarged lymph nodes with out pain. real swollen jaw and pain there too. also got pain down left side. also severe episodes of weakness where i was bearly able to walk up stairs without assistance. my moods changed too.
Thing is my bloods never showed anything unremarkable either is what they kept telling me. Low potassium positive ebv virus esr level six and then two. Excess protien in urine, elevated growth hormone.

i have been pushed from pillar to post. first they thought it was auto immune but rheumie told me had ahd a bad drug reaction, next it was angio derma but reacted bad to anti histamines and steriods, next it was a pituatary tumor but scan showed nothing, some docs have suggested lupus again to me but ana negative. they think its possibly viral or infection now but seem to want to treat it as a post v or i syndrome fat lot of good that is when im still suffering. Anyone im going to enter my own post on the research board to see if i can get any answers there. Im now thinking lyme lymphoma lupus growth hormone ?? yning is i wanted to say your not alone!! This thing has been a total nightmare for me too. such a dramatic onset and decline. Makes you think what happened to you?? Yeah and the docs do look at you like your going crazy but i think its cause they can't fathom it. thing is im an educated articulate person im sick so i want to get better and i will be on at them until they get me an answer. I never even went to the doctor before all this happened ha ha. Like you i have not known where to turn. Being sent home from a doc with no answers is like a death sentance. I have been suisidal cause of this. Its bad enough being sick but when they try and put it on you as well well you really do loose the will to carry on. Im having a tough time too so thinking of you and hoping we can all get our lives back.
take care of yourself and if you need to chat get in contact

zoe xx