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hi everyone,

i have a couple questions.. i have been feeing really sick for the past month.. started out with a 102 fever, sore throat, fatigue, loss of appetite etc. Finally the fever went away and my dr ran more blood tests and told me my liver count was really really high. He did an EBV profile nd EVERYTHING came back positive. I had mono back when i was 15 but he is saying that I have acute mono now.. I just don't buy it. I am really confused and wonder whether I could have lupus. I red on the net that a positive EBV profile could suggest lupus, also I should mention, I had an ANA test which came back negative. In fact all my blood tests show that everything is fine except my liver enzymes (which are slowly coming down)

I have been experiencing weird body temps lately, like in the morning my skin will feel normal and my temp will be 97.7 or sometimes even below that and at night my skin feels warmer (especially on my stomach) and my temp will be 98.8. I dont remember thi ever happening before I got sick. Another thing I have noticed was that I got what looks like a rash on my left inner thigh and when I get out of the shower I have a red splotchy face. This has never happened to me before. Could this all be from being sick, liver enzymes, mono? I am soo confused. Could my doc be missing something? I have had every blood panel done in the last 6 weeks, 5 cbc w/ differential, liver panels, iron, potassium, albunim, creatinine, and everything checks out. I am at a loss.

Could anyone offer me some insight?